American Redneck Savant reports from Trump Tax March in Portsmouth, NH

My close friend Mr. Billy Buck Teefus — the American redneck savant — shot some video at Saturday’s Tax Day protest rally here in Portsmouth, NH.

It’s not always easy to understand his accent (see subtitles below), but he speaks from his heart, not to mention his gut and most of his brain. Mr. Teefus recorded the protest, adding his own special brand of commentary, from two vantage points.

Teefus on Trump (text: close captioned for the redneck impaired)

Yep, Billy Buck Teefus here — the American redneck savant — here at a pro-America protest in Portsmouth, NH. Folks is standing strong here in Market Square, and I got a brief message to share.

I love America with all my heart, not to mention my lungs and pancreas, my gut and most of my brain. But it don’t take Alfred E. Einstein to see that America got struck by cancer back in November and we been fighting it ever since.

Yep, this cancer’s got a name; but I gag in disgust every time I try to speak it.

President (wretch). President (gaargh).


We’re talking about a rare orange melanoma toxic enough to rot a country from within. Health care. Social Security. Education. The environment. All under attack.

Just so rich folk like him can have more, more, more. And now he’s starting to play war — firing off bombs to distract us as he napalms us, his own people.

Other than himself, it’s hard to tell who he’s working for. He’s treating the presidency as his own personal piggy bank, and he’s all tangled up with Russia. That’s why patriotic folks everywhere is calling on President (Hachck Spew Glaarg) to show us his tax returns like normal presidents do.

Dang! America is ruled by a malignant con man — and that’s just wrong, man.