Super Bowl 51: The Patriots and the Trump Factor

The Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl, right? After all, they’ve been America’s top team throughout the 21st century. They’ve got the best coach, the best quarterback — plus they’ve got the Trump factor.

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft are all aboard the Trump bandwagon. Bigly.

Trump’s been boasting about being buddies with the Patriots’ Big Three for some time now. He even name-dropped them on Inauguration Eve. What an honor!

When the Patriots win, it’ll be fascinating to watch Trump gobble up his share of the glory.

President Obama called Belichick to congratulate him after the 2015 victory over the Seahawks. This year’s foe (the Falcons) is another bird, so expect some classic Trumpian tweets along with the traditional phone call.

Super Bowl tradition also calls for the champions to visit the White House come springtime to present the president with a swell team jersey emblazoned with his name and number. The Pats powwowed with Presidents Bush and Obama after past triumphs (though Brady blew off the Obama visit).

What a truly proud moment that will be, watching as New England’s team huddles around Donald Trump at the White House — headquarters for all that great stuff the president is doing to, as he puts it, “Make America Great Again.”

Maybe Trump will have already made America great again by then. If so, I’m sure he’ll let us know. Anyway, the Patriots are destined to win and their White House visit should be a genuine red, white and blue lovefest.

Belichick famously wrote Trump a letter of praise and support (top quote: “Your leadership is amazing”). And according to Trump, at one game last year Belichick hugged and kissed him and told him “I love you.”

Brady calls him a buddy and Kraft says that after his wife died in 2011, Trump was very kind to him (nice to know Trump has a soft spot in his heart for rich, old white guys). So the Washington road trip will be especially sweet for fans of the Patriots.

The Patriots. I’ve always assumed that the team was named after the Revolutionary War heroes who fought to win our independence from Great Britain, then came together to guarantee our rights and freedoms in a document they dubbed the Constitution.

Anyway, we all know Trump is a huge fan of the Constitution and would never do anything that judges and legal scholars believe to be unconstitutional.

Go Patriots!?!

— John Breneman